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For years Whitetail hunting has reigned king in our industry, yet there has never before been any kind of centralized event or grand stage to allow those hunters to compete and be recognized on a national level. We have these competitions in pretty much anything you can think of... from shooting sports, to Bassmasters, to the Superbowl. Why not Whitetail hunting?
Our industry, hunting culture, hunter numbers and participation is rapidly changing and we saw an opportunity to promote change in a positive way. We have created something that is new, exciting, and now includes all Whitetail hunters.
Welcome to the Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship.


This year we have taken another monumental leap and added a Firearms division and a Youth division on top of the Archery division. Here is the best part.... The Archery division and Firearms division are completely separate so bowhunters are not competing against gun hunters, and vice versa.


All Hunters have the opportunity to compete in the Archery division AND Firearms division if they choose. A hunter that would like to enter in BOTH divisions can sign up at a discounted rate of $550 and get an entry into the two separate divisions. Your designated Archery division may be different than the Firearms region.


This year we have upgraded again and hunters will receive a TACTACAM 5.0 CAMERA when they enter.
Archery Division - Tactacam 5.0 Bow Package
Firearm Division - Tactacam 5.0 and FTS

* If you enter as a combo (archery and firearm division) you will receive the 5.0 Bow Package and FTS*

Team category


You can sign-up and compete with your buddies on a 3-man team as well as individually. The team with the largest aggregated P&Y Score will earn 3 spots at the 2021 National Championship in Kansas. Team members do not have to be in the same region. Teams may be composed of bowhunters, firearm hunters, or a combination of both.

3 man teams

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