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Cash prizes

1st Place - $50,000
2nd Place - $20,000
3rd Place - $5,000

includes $450
in product

You pay an entry fee of $300 and we send you over $450 worth of Sponsor Gear!

member exclusive

Tons of opportunities to win awesome gear just for being a member. FREE HUNT Giveaways!

Compete Only in Your Region

  • 14 Regions
  • Regional competition is Archery ONLY
  • Register in as many regions as you want
  • Harvest the largest scoring deer in your region and qualify for the National Championship in Kansas
  • Compete against only the other hunters in your region

new for 2019

You can now sign-up a 3 man team. The team with the largest aggregated P&Y Score will earn 3 spots at the 2020 National Championship in Kansas. Team members do not have to be in the same region.

3 man teams

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