NEW Championship Tactacam Announced

We have upgraded the Tactacam that you will receive upon sign-up for the Championship. Introducing the new and improved Special Edition, Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship Tactacam! 

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  1. The Tactacam 4.0 is a fantastic camera! 3x and 5x zooms, up to 120 frames per second for awesome slo-mo, Wifi to phone to reveiw your shot, download and share your video before you even climb down! Great choice!

  2. Awesome Sauce!!!! Question: Since Crossbows are allowed, it would be nice to receive a rail mount for the camera along with/or in place of the bow stabilizer mount. I already have two new stabilizer mounts, Just a thought. Thank you all for putting this together for us. Glad I was part or the first ever NAWTC and plan on being a part of everyone of them until the end. See you all this fall!!

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NEW Championship Tactacam Announced
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