Over $200,000 in Prizes!

One of the main goals of this Championship is to provide, YOU, the everyday hunter with the opportunity to receive some awesome gear from our partners as well as the chance to win the Hunt of a Lifetime. In 2018, we gave away tons of cool gear and 7 FREE HUNTS! There are even more giveaways coming this year in 2019, so don’t wait to sign-up. Get in early so you don’t miss your chance to get entered into these Giveaway Drawings.

Below are just a couple of the giveaways from this past season…

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  1. Advice to anyone thinking about signing up. DO IT!! and if at all possible, do it sooner than later, but what ever you do, SIGN Up!!

  2. Go ahead and sign up you know you want to😊I did and it’s legit and fun.

  3. 🏹🦌

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Over $200,000 in Prizes!
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