Virtual Archery Tournament

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Virtual Archery Tournament

NEW FOR 2019

The Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship along with its partner Victory Archery, is hosting a Virtual Archery Tournament exclusively for the hunters that are entered into the tournament. The Virtual Archery Tournament is an opportunity for you as a hunter to show off your archery skills, shoot your bow in the off-season, get to know how to better use your Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship Special Edition Tactacam camera and WIN up to $1,500 in CASHThe Tournament is simple the hunter that shoots the MOST BULLSEYES IN TWO MINUTES from a distance of 20 yards and captures it on their Tactacam camera, wins the top prize of $1,000 dollars. The second place shooter wins $500 and the third place winner will receive $250. Fourth place through eighth place will win Victory Archery Arrows. If the hunter that wins the Tournament is shooting Victory arrows, they will receive a bonus cash payment of $500. One lucky winner could win $1,500 in cash. 

  1. Hunters must be entered into the Championship on or before July 31, 2019
  2. There is no additional fee to be registered for the Virtual Archery Tournament. If the hunter is entered in the Championship they are automatically entered into the Virtual Tournament.
  3. The hunters compete in the Virtual tournament individually. There is no team event
  4. The Virtual Tournament will be held from August 1, 2019 to August 24, 2019. If there is a tie in scoring, a shoot-off will be held from August 26, 2019 to August 31, 2019
  5. BCNAWTC will provide a official 2 inch bullseye that attaches to the hunters personal target 
  6. Hunter will shoot from a distance of 20 yards from the target
  7. Hunter must use their Tactacam camera to film the entire shoot. The camera will time track the two minute time line, starting when the hunter releases their first arrow.
    1. Show close film shot of the bullseye attached to the main target
    2. Film walking back 20 yards from the target
    3. Show the target at the 20 yard distance
    4. Begin to shoot the most bullseyes in two (2) minutes. The time starts when the hunter releases their first arrow. We suggest using the timer or alarm on your cell phone to help you keep track of time.
    5. When the two minute shoot is complete, the hunter films their return trip to the target
    6. Show a final close video shot of the target, giving the tournament committee a clear view of the number of bullseyes
    7. Any arrow that touches any part of the Bullseye counts
    8. Submit footage through the BCNAWTC web site
    9. YOUR SUBMISSION MUST BE ONE (1) CONTINUOUS VIDEO. You must record yourself walking back 20 yards from the target, shooting, and walking back up to the target in one continuous clip with no interruption or editing. 
  8. The hunter can shoot the tournament anywhere it is legal to shoot their bow; the hunters personal property, archery range, public ground….
  9. Hunter can shoot as many times during the tournament period (8/1 to 8/24) in order to improve their score.
  10. Video is uploaded through the submission tab on the BCNAWTC web site. Submission from must be filled in correctly.
  11. Leaderboard will be updated daily on web site
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